• Collagen is the most abundant and most important protein produced by the body for the skin. It accounts for one-third of our body's total protein content and, in addition to skin, keeps teeth, bones, muscles, joints and all connective tissues strong and healthy. What is more, collagen is responsible for 60% of all factors that regulate the moisture content of the skin. This protein is therefore crucial in maintaining the functionality, elasticity and firmness of the skin. It literally is the glue that holds the body together. The problem is that the body's production of collagen declines as we age, which can lead to sagging, wrinkled skin. The good news is that you can get to the root of the problem and correct this deficiency fairly quickly with a collagen-containing skincare regimen. In fact, this can even minimize existing signs of aging and greatly mitigate future negative changes. This is because collagen can penetrate the epidermis from the outside, sustainably moisturising it and restoring the skin's elasticity – provided it is skin-identical collagen. One that has a comparable molecular structure to the body's own collagen and can therefore be absorbed particularly well by the skin. This collagen is found exclusively in the skin, intestines and bone marrow of animals. There is nothing to sugarcoat here – none of the other collagens can effectively counteract the causes of skin aging. This is important to know about collagen and skincare.

    Pioneer in the use of "real" collagen
    Although many users reject active ingredients of animal origin, QMS stands by the results of decades of collagen research: either skin-identical collagen or no collagen at all. Unlike the conventional, less effective collagens used in conventional cosmetics, our atelocollagen comes from cattle. It belongs to the group of fibrous scleroproteins and is a 100% natural collagen. QMS founder Erich Schulte, MD, chose this collagen because its molecular structure is 97% identical to the human collagen structure, ensuring the best compatibility. Our atelocollagen is obtained using state-of-the-art technical processes through mild enzymatic reactions and/or hydrolysis as well as hypothermic techniques. These guarantee that the protein is extracted in its purest form and safely sterilized, preserving its specific properties.
    Our dream team: collagen and hyaluronic acid
    The stimulation provided by moisturizing with hyaluronic acid is almost as important for firm, vital skin. It spurs the reconstruction of the skin's extracellular network and constitutes an important agent for sustainably counteracting skin aging. Hyaluronic acid: - moisturizes extremely well in and on the skin - optimally binds water - makes the skin significantly more supple and elastic - stimulates skin renewal - strengthens the skin's protective barrier


    Human Collagen


    Bovine Collagen


    Fish Collagen
    Fish Collagen
    77% similarity to human collagen
    Bovine Collagen
    97% similarity to human collagen
    The winning formula of QMS ultimately lies in the combination of "real" collagen and hyaluronic acid with three different molecular weights in an optimal concentration and formulation. The collagen works together with a high molecular weight hyaluronan on the surface of the stratum corneum to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and make the epidermis appear smoother and plumper. This outer film also helps to strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Low and very low molecular weight hyaluronan, on the other hand, penetrates the epidermis, hydrating it, repairing skin structure and accelerating skin regeneration. This duo, like no other combination of active ingredients, has been scientifically proven to have the following effects: - improves skin hydration and elasticity - smoothes fine lines and wrinkles - reduces uneven skin tone - refines pores

    Science not miracles

    QMS is one of the icons of medical-grade luxury cosmetics. The brand stands for clinically proven,
    high-performance skincare with 97% skin-identical collagens. Developed by medical and beauty experts,
    our award-winning skincare system eliminates the causes of skin aging as well as deficiencies and gets
    your skin in top shape, regardless of skin condition, skin colour and gender. Our recipe for success:
    proven skincare routines with accompanying professional support.

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