Discover the high performing AHA, BHA and PHA peeling lotions from QMS. Gentle yet effective exfoliation for supple, glowy, youthful looking skin.

Exfoliants & peelings for a silky smooth skin

Our skin is continually regenerating itself and forming new cells. Old cells should be removed to prevent formation of flaky patches of dead skin and enlarged pores. Once these dead cells are gone, the complexion takes on a fresh, radiant glow. Using a high-quality facial peeling on a regular basis will free your skin of dead skin cells, minimize large pores and leave your skin feeling wonderfully smooth. Peeling lotions are an effective alternative to classic peelings based on micro-spheres or sugar crystals that can irritate the skin through mechanical friction.

Chemical peelings, including high-grade fruit acid peelings, are especially effective and a special competence of QMS. As the name indicates, these peelings work with acids. AHA peelings, for example, are based on glycolic acid or lactic acid. BHA peelings rely on salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin. PHA peelings contain gluconate and lactobionic acid. These active ingredients combat hyperpigmentation and promote collagen synthesis to slow the signs of skin aging.

Another option in peeling lotions are enzyme peelings. These are enriched with plant enzymes and break down your skin’s protein building blocks.

Our series of premium peelings includes:

  • Peeling lotion for all skin types: Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion All Skin Types
  • Peeling lotion for sensitive skin: Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion Sensitive Skin
  • Peeling lotion for oily skin prone to blemishes Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion Oily/Acne
  • Fruit acid peeling: Active Exfoliant 11%
  • Gentler fruit acid peeling for beginners: Active Exfoliant 7% Sensitive

Ultra-effective facial peelings against clogged pores

When selecting a peeling, you should make sure to choose one that is right for your skin’s needs. Fruit acid peelings are suitable for all skin types. If you have sensitive skin, you can choose a lower concentration. A BHA peeling with salicylic acid, for example, is made for people with oily skin and prevents blemishes from forming. Azelaic acid is also ideal for blemished skin. Enzyme peelings are suitable for dry or especially sensitive skin as their ingredients gently exfoliate the facial skin without causing unnecessary irritation. 

Daily peeling lotion for all skin types: Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion All Skin Types

Our Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion for all skin types is an effective fruit acid peeling that exfoliates your skin and stimulates cellular regeneration. It can remain on the skin and does not need to be rinsed off. As a result, this lotion creates a fresh, smooth complexion. 

Daily peeling lotion for sensitive skin: Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can easily become irritated by the wrong peeling product. This makes it even more important to use a facial peeling specially formulated for the needs of sensitive skin. Our Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion Sensitive Skin gently removes dead skin cells to leave the complexion smooth and refined.

Daily peeling lotion as a pore cleanser: Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion Oily/Acne

If you have oily skin with a tendency to blemishes and visible pores on your nose for example, you need a peeling that refines the pores on your face and frees them of sebum. Our Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion Oily/Acne based on organic baby apple extract has an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect that soothes blemished skin.

Fruit acid peeling: Active Exfoliant 11%

Our Active Exfoliant 11% Peeling Fluid is specially formulated to combine the benefits of a fruit acid peeling and an enzyme peeling. This innovative pore minimizer prevents flaky skin, gently removes dead skin cells and stimulates regeneration of the skin. For an optimum effect, leave the peeling on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Fruit acid peeling for sensitive skin: Active Exfoliant 7% Sensitive

Try our especially gentle Active Exfoliant 7% Peeling Fluid as a starter product or for sensitive skin. It removes cornified, dead skin cells and frees clogged pores of excess sebum. The fluid’s anti-irritation complex alleviates redness and soothes your complexion.

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