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It is a scientifically proven fact that skin begins to age after 21. Increased dryness may occur, and the first fine lines begin to form.

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Anti-aging skincare from QMS

An effective tool against aging skin

Changes in pigmentation are common as well. Overall, the complexion appears a little tired and often lacks vitality. You can combat these early signs of skin aging, however, with the right anti-aging skincare from QMS. Use a peeling to gently exfoliate dead skin cells that make the complexion appear sallow. This optimally prepares the skin for nourishing treatment with a facial Collagen Serum or a rich facial mask. A consistent beauty routine should also include an effective anti-aging cream for day and night that replenishes your skin’s natural moisture reservoirs and stimulates it with innovative active ingredients that leave it plump and firm.

The luxurious anti-aging skincare line from QMS encompasses:

• Anti-aging creams to stimulate the skin
• Anti-aging serums for intensive, deep care
• Anti-aging masks for an immediately visible effect
• Anti-aging eye cream for a smooth eye area
• Anti-aging nutritional supplements for beauty from within Firm skin, a beautiful glow, an even complexion: All this can be yours with anti-aging skincare from QMS. At the same time, these premium skincare products also strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and acid mantle to protect against damaging environmental influences.

Discover premium system-based skincare from QMS, tailored to your skin type and current skin condition. Carefully selected active ingredients support your demanding skin: Discover our creams that can help reduce forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet and laugh lines as well as alleviating hyperpigmentation.

Anti-aging creams: The ultra-effective boost for firm skin Innovative, high-quality and highly concentrated products for anti-aging stimulate the epidermis and deliver maximum moisture in combination with hydrating ingredients. Try our Advanced Pearl Protein Anti-Aging Facial Cream that absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling velvety soft. Overnight, the ultra-potent and highly concentrated Advanced Ion Equalizing System supplies your skin with regenerating substances that plump it up from the inside and minimizes wrinkles. It is important to thoroughly cleanse your skin and exfoliate it every two or three days with a peeling such as the Active Exfoliant with 7% or 11% fruit acid. For cleansing, we recommend our Deep Gentle Cleanser. It frees the skin of make-up and dirt particles. Apply the cleanser with the QMS sponge. Afterwards, tone your skin with our Hydrating Boost Tonic to restore its natural pH value.

Anti-aging serum: An extra dose of intensive skincare If you want to pamper your skin to maximum effect, an anti-aging serum such as Day Collagen Serum is the perfect choice. To provide with skin with an extra dose of moisture, we recommend applying our Collagen Serum immediately after exfoliating with the peeling: it is a great anti-aging moisturizer. The serum thoroughly hydrates the skin and will help it better absorb the beneficial anti-aging substances contained in the cream to be used next. If you are using other serums from our product range as well, apply these as an additional layer over the Collagen Serum to intensify its effect.

Anti-aging mask: Fast rescue when your skin calls SOS If your skin looks sallow and feels taut, a rich cream mask can quickly alleviate these symptoms. After cleansing, apply our Power Firm Mask to the entire face and let absorb for 15 minutes. Then rinse off with clear water. You will immediately luxuriate in the feeling of smooth, silky soft skin with an ample supply of lipids.

Anti-aging eye cream: Effectively plumps up the skin Don’t forget the eye area in your skincare routine. The sensitive and thin skin around the eyes dehydrates quickly, tends to form fine lines and easily becomes puffy. This is exactly why it needs special attention. Our Advanced Cellular Alpine Anti-Aging Eye Cream is formulated to reduce fine lines and alleviate puffiness while also stimulating cellular renewal, it is the perfect under eye cream against wrinkles.

Anti-aging from the inside out: The nutrient-rich dietary supplement It’s a well-known fact that beauty comes from within. A healthy diet naturally benefits the complexion as well. If you want to pamper your skin from both the outside and the inside, we advise Collagen Intravital Plus capsules, packed with vitamins and collagen that renew, regenerate and protect the skin. Regular usage helps prevent environmental damage, thereby delaying the skin aging process.

Anti-aging tip from QMS experts: UV radiation is the greatest enemy of youthful skin. It speeds up the skin aging process faster than any other external factor. For this reason, there is an anti-wrinkles secret: Always be sure to use a daytime moisturizer with SPF or to protect your skin with a sun lotion such as Cellular Sun Shield SPF 50+ to prevent pigmentation changes and dryness.

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