Get ready for the sunny days ahead with the perfect preparation

Get ready for the sunny days ahead with the perfect preparation

The days are finally starting to get longer, and these first rays of sunshine are energizing us. Spring is a time for “renewal”, and the same is true for our skin. The hours of sunlight are growing longer, and the sun’s rays are getting more powerful at the same time. We need to always keep this in mind to protect our skin from this. We would like to demonstrate how to achieve this in this blog post.


Spring is the perfect time to strengthen the skin barrier and optimize it for the time when the sun is at its most powerful.

The skin barrier can be slowly and progressively strengthened due to the slow incorporation of AHA, BHA, and PHA acids. Our Daily Lotions are perfect for this. Our lotions have been specially tailored for each skin type. They include: Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion Sensitive Skin, Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion Oily/Acne for oily/combination skin, and our “jack-of-all-trades,” Gentle Exfoliant Daily Lotion All Skin Types for normal skin.



This process can also be supported through regular care using our Active Exfoliant Resurfacing Fluid. This exfoliant supports the keratinocytes on the skin’s surface, strengthening them so that our skin is less sensitive and better protected against external influences. But be careful: This doesn’t protect against UVA and UVB rays.


Even in spring, sunlight is an important issue because the rays and increasingly warmer temperatures foster skin dryness. We can counteract this by ensuring we get good nutrition and always work on moisturizing our skin to promote a healthy balance. Products with ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acids, ceramides, as well as oils such as marula, jojoba or bakuchiol, just to name a few, are perfectly suited for this purpose.


But let’s get back to the sunlight issue: Sunlight is the primary cause of premature skin aging. It damages our skin down to the deep layers, and with it our collagen and elasticity balance as well as our fibroblasts. Our collagen serums are excellent at preventing this because they contain peptides that boost the skin’s own collagen production, which helps to counteract the rays of the sun. In other words, optimal care to protect your skin from the sun. Another add-on that we recommend is our Collagen Intravital Plus, which stimulates collagen production from the inside out, boosts our metabolism, strengthens our cells, and protects the skin from environmental influences.


And never, ever forget: Always apply sun protection as soon as it’s daylight, and then reapply every two hours for best protection!


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