Eco-friendly formulations and sustainable cosmetics packaging: QMS’ Green Agenda

Eco-friendly formulations and sustainable cosmetics packaging: QMS’ Green Agenda


In today’s world, it is the duty of every responsible company to do everything within its power to reduce waste and avoid polluting the environment. With the amount of plastic waste having doubled in the past 50 years, we must all now play our part in helping our planet. With this in mind, we have undertaken to be as uncompromising with regard to sustainability as we are in our skincare. Accordingly, to protect nature in the broadest possible sense, we will henceforth adopt the principle of “reduce, reuse, recycle” with regard to the formulations of our QMS products, our production processes and sustainable cosmetics packaging. In addition to FSC-certified cardboard and product development involving no animal testing, it is our aim to have reached the following milestones. 


100% CO2-neutral production for QMS Medicosmetics


If CO2 is released into the air through the production of cosmetics, this may potentially have an impact on the climate. The earth is warming up and temperatures are increasing. We help keep climate change in check by ensuring CO2-netural production of our sustainable care products. When producing our skincare products, no unnecessary carbon dioxide is generated. That means that you can use your new cosmetics with a clear conscience while doing good for both yourself and the environment.


100% clean formulations for sustainable cosmetics


Be it sustainable face care or plastic-free body lotion, our top-quality cosmetics contain no harmful ingredients as we focus on clean, sustainable formulations. Our products contain no hidden silicones, parabens, paraffins or micro-plastics. We place great emphasis on transparency so that you know exactly what ingredients your QMS skincare contains. Each and every ingredient can be consulted on our INCI lists.


100% use of recycled plastic for sustainable cosmetics packaging


With our new rebranding, we have reduced the packaging used in certain products by up to 50%. We have abandoned surplus secondary packaging, such as polystyrene, and made our FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard smaller and compliant so that it exactly matches the size of our bottles, jars and tubes. Furthermore, we participate in “Der Grüne Punkt”, a German system of financing raw material recycling and improving the sustainability of product packaging. Our sustainable packaging is made from recycled plastic.


100% yes to more glass and cosmetics without plastic packaging


In the future, we want to sell more cosmetics without any plastic. Accordingly, we not only use no micro-plastics in our formulations but also favor cosmetics in glass bottles over products in plastic packaging. This means we avoid unnecessary plastic waste while providing skincare products that are also luxury eye-catchers in your bathroom.


100% QR codes instead of instruction leaflets in sustainable care products


Instead of inserting printed instruction leaflets with our cosmetics products, we call on QR codes. You can scan these quickly and easily using your smartphone to find out everything you need to know about ingredients and instructions for using your new product. This avoids printed inserts being thrown away while you have convenient access to the desired information at all times.


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