Chemical peeling, hydrating mask and collagen serum - how superstar Renée Zellweger gets her glowy skin

Chemical peeling, hydrating mask and collagen serum - how superstar Renée Zellweger gets her glowy skin


Chemical peeling, hydrating mask and collagen serum—how to get glowy skin


How does a star make sure to shine especially bright on the red carpet? With high-quality skincare products from QMS Medicosmetics. The premium skincare line is enjoying growing popularity among stars and celebrities. To achieved a glamorous look, we recommend our chemical peeling Active Exfoliant 11%, the rich Hydro Foam Mask and our collagen serum.



The secret to glowy skin: our chemical peeling Active Exfoliant 11%


No matter if you are planning on strolling down a red carpet or simply looking great no matter what you do, our chemical peeling Active Exfoliant 11% combines fruit acids and enzymes to effectively free your skin of dead skin cells while also stimulating cellular renewal processes. At the same time, it removes excess sebum from the pores, making them appear visibly smaller. Thanks to a smart anti-irritation complex, the facial peeling also alleviates skin irritations and soothes the complexion. Use the chemical peeling after cleansing and before applying your skincare products. This enables the skin to better absorb the active ingredients in products such as our Hydro Foam Mask and Day Collagen Serum. If you are using a chemical peeling for the first time, try our Active Exfoliant 7% facial peeling instead.


For an extra dose of moisture: our hydrating face mask Hydro Foam Mask


Sometimes your skin needs a little extra care. Use our Hydro Foam Mask on a regular basis to keep your skin well hydrated. The foam mask feels wonderful on the face, absorbs quickly and immediately leaves the skin refreshed and renewed. Let the product absorb for approximately 15 minutes, then massage any residue gently into the skin. Enriched with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid with beneficial silk proteins as well as rich jojoba oil, it leaves the skin intensively hydrated and feeling beautifully soft and smooth. Ingredients such as panthenol and allantoin soothe the skin while select vitamins provide high-level protection against free radicals in the environment. Tip: Our hydrating mask is also ideal after sunbathing and offers relief to irritated skin.


Collagen for smooth, elastic skin: our Day Collagen Serum


Step 3 in your VIP beauty routine is our collagen serum Day Collagen. It works with the revolutionary collagen and hyaluronic acid complex Neotec A15® and Matrixyl 3000® to intensively hydrate the skin and help lastingly store moisture. Collagen increases the elasticity of your skin and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At the same time, our collagen serum provides effective protection against free radicals that damage the skin and can lead to premature skin aging. Use our premium hydrating serum daily, remembering to indulge your neck and décolleté in this effective hydrating care as well. At night, apply our Night Collagen Serum from the same line to complete your skincare routine.

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